Hi! Carmen and Anthony here!
For many years, we were VCs. Now we are angels and invest $200k-$500k checks at pre-seed/seed. Like angels, we don’t give a damn about stake. So, we are free to be 100% on your side of the table. All we really care about is supporting you unconditionally, as you build and win and also through the tough times. And for that we bring on all our VC network and expertise to become your in-house VC: here to help you hack the system, with independent and unfiltered investor insights


This is us! 👋

Ah! And if you are wondering why our name is Cocoa…

…Cocoa is the seed of chocolate!

And from bean to bar, there are many stages and around 400 cocoa beans per pound of chocolate. Making chocolate is hard work and it requires passion, experience and a bit of magic. But uh oh isn’t the outcome grand? ; )

Cocoa I Advisor Limited is an Appointed Representative of The Fund Incubator Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority – FRN 208716